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To provide expert-led and bespoke semi permanent make up services to naturally enhance and define the shape of your brows.

Brow Ability is a licensed micropigmentation service. We have changed the brow game by elevating every aspect of the experience for our customers. At Brow Ability, our services are delivered by a qualified semi permanent make up artist trained to the highest standard, fully-insured and dedicated to providing an expectational service. Brow Ability boasts many years of experience and a list of qualifications in the cosmetic tattooing industry.

Nicole is committed to giving you a first-class service.

"At 9 years old I shaved my brows off!"

Nicole is the Founder of Brow Ability.

Interestingly, Nicole is a trainee-lawyer turned Semi Permanent Make Up Brow Master. It's an extreme career move right? In 2019, she took a leap of faith and traded her legal books for lead covers and she has never looked back. But her obsession with beauty and brows started many moons ago. Nicole was a 9 year old girl with slug-like shaped brows and at a time when the top 2000's trend was thin brows and denim skirts, her slug-like brows were not in! So one evening after school, she decided to do something about it. She grabbed her Grandad's razors and headed to the bathroom mirror. Moments later she left the bathroom with not a brow hair in sight 😱. At the time, she was in the thick of school term and so she soon became obsessed with drawing evenly shaped brows every morning to avoid the glares and sniggers from students... and teachers! And that's where her obsession with brows all began.

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Your one-stop beauty secret for perfect brows everyday.

Treatments that help women
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What Brow Treatment Is For You?

Did you know there are 3 brow treatments and a variety of pigment colours to choose from? Click below to find your perfect brow look!

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Ombre brows birmingham

Treat yourself and
our brows.

What’s that sound? Oh, it’s your brows thanking you. Click below to book your brow treatment or free brow consultation!

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