Get Off To A Fast Start in SPMU.

So where do you begin? What if you don't even know the direction you want to go in?

One of the first steps you can take is to become super focused as this will set yourself up with some significant momentum for the rest of the year. If you deploy the following strategies you’ll have the best year based on the supply and demand that exists right now. Think of it like this, if most of the country has been shut down and most of us haven’t been able to do beauty treatments, your clients have had a long time to realise that they really need them and they’ve had no opportunity to get these things done. This is one wonderful thing that has happened and the best time to capitalise on it is right now. Aside from the fact you want to make money, capitalise now on the supply and demand.

1. Start by creating a content blitz.

So what do I mean? Content is this email, its videos, photos, blog posts, podcasts - any type of media that is used to share information. So what we do as SPMU artists, entrepreneurs, aesthetic practitioners is document our work: we share videos and photos of what we do, often in the form of before and after pictures. Take things to the next level. Go through your content and repurpose it. If you posted a before and after 8 months ago, dig it out. Find those posts that were really successful last Christmas, dig them out. Even if you’ve shared that person before, we are going to share them again. Two things: Clients don't remember half the time that you shared the content before or your clients didn't see your content in the first place because of social media algorithms (most of your followers only see a small percentage of what you share). Go ham and post constantly. It's not too much, you need to remind your clients you are here. Start now.

2. Contact your clients.

A second super simple tip is to contact your clients, ideally personally. Roll this in with your content blitz by sharing information with them. You could talk to your clients about new offers/specials you have - which are all things you could share as part of your content blitz. Emailing or calling your clients takes just a couple of hours in your day yet you'd be amazed how far it goes. There may be clients at home who have gone a while without seeing you and may need a top up. You'd be amazed at how many people need that contact so give them that reminder.

Do these two things and it will get you off to a great fast start so that you can have a mega successful year!

PS - Are you ready to make this year that year to make your next move and increase your income?

If so, look out for my next post on the launch of our accelerated 2-day training program in Ombré Brows for Beginners, and it may be perfect for you.


Master SPMU Artist, Trainer and Educator