How a SPMU business can help you increase your income in 2022

Updated: Feb 9

The SPMU industry is exciting, rewarding and satisfying - but the word that surfaces above all others is profitable!

Return on investment can be exceptionally fast and in this post I’m breaking down how a SPMU business can increase your income in 2022:

  • Typical Revenue as a beginner: £250 per eyebrow procedure

  • Weekly Revenue 4 clients paying £250 = £1,000 per week

  • Treatment Hours worked per week = 8 hours per week

  • Yearly Revenue if you only worked 48 weeks @ £1,000 per week = £48,000 per year

We have two choices for how to deal with this:

  • Passive: Wait and see what your life looks like in a year from now.

  • Active: Take charge enrol on training and grow your income.

I know where I stand — I stand on the side of taking action to control my future. I stand on the side of self-determined financial progression.

I’ve never been one to back down from a little hard work. I’ve personally increased my income every year for the past 3 years - Click here to watch my free training seminar.

Let me offer my suggestions:

  1. Make a list of price goals where you can increase the price of your services over time.

  2. Make a price plan of how many clients you would need to see and at what price in order to see a return on your investment.

  3. Align yourself with an industry coach to help you focus, develop your long-term strategies that will allow your business to function more efficiently and make more profit.

Did you find this useful? In my next post, I'll be sharing the steps that *YOU* ought to take for a fast start in the SPMU industry.

See you then,


Master SPMU Artist, Trainer and Educator