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microblading training birmingham


Nicole is a Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) Artist, British businesswoman, and SPMU trainer.
Her entrepreneurial journey began at age 23 after falling in love with the art of brows. Just three years later, Nicole has built a successful semi permanent brow brand that services over 100 clients per year - and women across the UK.

The byproduct to creating a successful business and nationally recognised business? Having the experience, knowledge, and foundation to train other businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs alike in finding their own respective success.

Nicole harmoniously bridges creativity and finance in helping build beautiful and profitable businesses — with purpose.


Now a mentor and trainer to businesses nationally, Nicole has been named a SPMU Brow Master — offering perspective, facilitating clarity, and delivering results to students across all levels of expertise. The BROW ABILITY approach is holistic in both concept and practice — raising the standards of Semi Permanent Make-Up in the UK for clients to become one of the best in business. 

While the BA team is currently headquartered in Birmingham, Nicole connects all over the UK with the BA community, building lasting relationships with students, and collaborating with other like minded thought leaders and businesses. Through excellence and transparency — BROW ABILITY is centered on a mission to deliver results and exceed customer expectations.

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microblading training birmingham

Successful SPMU brand to SPMU trainer and Education - why pivot?

Whether adorning clients with beautiful brows or helping businesses and SPMU artists thrive, the core of the BA brand at large is being of service to others and making people feel great. My mission is to facilitate the creation of lasting SPMU businesses where the business vision, SPMU skills and financials align. 

microblading training birmingham

I’ve been in your position. I’ve done the legwork. I know what a student needs and I know what developing, maintaining, and growing a successful SPMU business takes. We approach students from all angles — so that their skills are strong and the business maps to sales. Ultimately, without the SPMU skills and sales you don’t have a business — you have a hobby.

Have you worked with beginners and advanced artists?

There are so many trainers and academies — what makes you different?

I’ve worked separately with both beginners and advanced artists alike. There is a large, much-needed space for the BA training academy service — and I know from personal experience how to successfully apply skills and knowledge to achieve lasting results.

microblading training birmingham

What is your training strategy?

Overdeliver — Every. Single. Time. I go above and beyond for all of my students, and care for their businesses as if they were my own.

Just as every student is unique, each BA experience is completely customized. There is no one-size-fits-all formula.

It is important that every student feels both seen and heard — and that they know the training service they are receiving is tailored completely [and strategically] to them.

With the holistic BA training process, no stone is left unturned.

microblading training birmingham


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